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Dabber Box


Pros and cons of dab rigs

Whether you are an avid dabber or recently had your first experience and fell in love, you should probably look into purchasing a dab rig.  A dab rig is the entire set of materials that you will need in order to dab.  This includes the dabber where the oil to be heated is placed, the torch to heat the nail and the nail that will heat the oil and catch the resulting vapors so that you can inhale.  The oil, is, of course, sold separately.


When you buy a dab rig, it is not only convenient; it is also much neater and safer than creating your own.  In addition, there are many to choose from so you can not only get one that is functional, you can also get one that is nice enough to display as a work of art when it is not being used.


When purchasing a dab rig, be sure to enquire about the material that it is made from because some are more breakable than others.  For example, glass and ceramic nails break easily, while quartz and titanium do not.  Furthermore, both ceramic and quartz have a bit of an aftertaste while the other materials do not.  Finally, some materials heat up better than others and, therefore, give you more, better vapors to inhale.


Another option is to choose the e-nail.  An e-nail is plugged into the wall and does not require a torch.  Therefore, it can be set to the precise right temperature to ensure you get the best and most vapors possible.  It also eliminates the possibility that you will burn yourself, others or other things while trying to heat the oil.


While they may seem pricey up front, dab rigs are economical in the long run.  This is due to the fact that they allow you to feel the effects almost instantly from a small amount of product.  However, you need to ensure that the oil used is evaporated completely and that the dab rig is cleaned properly or you will end up with harmful residue.  Since many people use dab rigs because it is a safer way to inhale, the harmful residue can negate that advantage.

Dab rigs a great for those that use marijuana for medical purposes.  This is due to the fact that the product is extremely concentrated, so the effects are stronger from a smaller amount of cannabis.  However, the mainstream media has cast dabbing in a negative light and have called it the crack of marijuana use.


In order to ensure that you get the most out of your dab rig, it is best to buy a dabber box to go with it.  This will enable you to have all of your materials stored together in one place, thus making it so that you can partake whenever you choose to.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to gather everything together and not being able to find one piece or another because you do not know where you put it.

Dabber Box: The Pros and Cons of Dabbing

dabber boxThere is a new way to consume marijuana and it is called dabbing. Dabbing comprises of marijuana that is heated on a surface, many times a nail, and then inhaled through what is called a dab rig. More and more people are using this technique to get high these days, but is it a good option for everyone? We will take a look at some of the pros and cons so that you can decide whether dabbing is the right choice for you.

  • Powerful: Dabbing is the most powerful way to get high with marijuana. For people looking for the same effect they got when they got high for the first time, dabbing is the only option that can offer this.
  • Dangerous to Make: It can be dangerous to make dabs yourself unless you really know how to do it. Many people have started fires or even blown up their homes because they did not know how to safely make dabs. If you are planning on trying them, be sure to ask for help from someone with experience.
  • Economical: Because you only need a bit of cannabis to get high with dabbing, you end up saving money. Because it is a concentrated way of extracting THC, you will be getting a lot of results without having to use much cannabis at all.
  • Residue: One of the most important parts of the creation of dabs is ensuring that the butane hash oil that is created during the process is evaporated correctly. Butane hash oil can seep into the dab and can contaminate it, making it dangerous for you to ingest. If you do not know how to use the dab rigs correctly, either, you can also end up inhaling this oil.
  • Size: Dabs are small, so they are easy to carry around without drawing attention. This is another reason why they have become so popular these days.
  • Equipment: You do need some equipment to use the dabs, though, which can be a pain. You will need a blowtorch to heat it up, and this can deter many people. No one wants to have to carry a blowtorch around. You also need to buy a dab rig, which can be somewhat expensive.
  • Instant Effects: You will start feeling the effects of dabbing almost instantly. For people looking for an instant high, this is the way to go. If you are a beginner, it can be a good idea to try dabbing with someone who is experienced.

There is a reason why dabbing is so popular these days. It is a cheap way to get high and it offers almost instant results that are powerful. Dabber Box offers the equipment you need to have a great experience, though be sure to learn to dab with someone who has lots of experience. Because it can be complicated to make dabs yourself, do not attempt it unless you have someone who can guide you through the process. With the right equipment and someone to teach you, you will see how fun dabbing can be.